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How does the showroom operate?

You, and your guests, are always welcome to the showroom during our standard hours of operation. Our FloorCo showroom is designed to function as a "self serve" facility. All of the product samples are clearly labeled with the mill stock names and product codes. Our knowledgeable staff is available to answer any general questions and assist in checking out samples, confirming stock, and quoting pricing.

How do I order my material, and how do we take delivery of the merchandise?

Once you have selected your product and determined the amount needed, the material can be ordered through one of the FloorCo staff members. Payment is typically required in full at the time of order. FloorCo accepts most major credit cards, checks, or cash. Checks must be written by the registered FloorCo member. The purchaser is responsible to take delivery of all materials from the distributor listed on the purchase receipt.

Do I need to accompany my guests to the showroom?

No. Your guests can use the showroom for product selection, and check out samples, with your permission. We require all guests to sign in so we can ensure that only members and their guests are utilizing the facility.

How can FloorCo's prices be so competitive?

FloorCo offers the best value in flooring materials due to the volume of our buying, and the support of our parent company. We strategically negotiate prices on select market-proven products for the contractor community. These, among other exclusive products, are displayed throughout the FloorCo showroom.

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